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For the Love of God, we must be but one same body in several persons, united with the same end in view.
St Vincent de Paul

For Daughters of Charity, life in community is integral to our vocation. It is an essential support for our way of life and is our primary place of belonging.

We live together in community, the better to fulfil our mission of service. Community life is built each day by our gift of self and commitment. It is the setting in which joy and affection nurture our human and spiritual growth, as well as our apostolic creativity.

United by the same call, we accept one another with respect and trust. This faith vision creates bonds of friendship in which differences become mutually enriching.

Mystique of Community

As a Society of Apostolic Life, we make simple vows renewed annually, allowing us to choose again our commitment to God through the four vows of: Service of the Poor, Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

By drawing closer to the poor, we draw closer to God. And we students must draw closer to God a little more every day, or we will find ourselves falling away from him.   

[Blessed Frederic Ozanam]