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Vincentian Volunteers

Vincentian Volunteers

The Vincentian Volunteer Programme is a faith-based gap year programme that brings together young people from across the world. They live a simple lifestyle in community and serve some of our sisters and brothers who live on the margins of our society. Their ministry is supported by the prayer and friendships they share in community.

To learn more please visit the Vincentian Volunteers website.

Vincentian Volunteers“My experience as a Vincentian Volunteer has changed my life. It was one of the most rewarding and intense years of my life so far. I worked with the poor and put my faith into action. That year changed everything-how I saw God, how I saw people, how I saw the world, and how I saw my faith. I realise now who I am, what I want and what actually matters in life. I recommend this year to anyone who is searching and wants to try something different. I found it to be a life changing experience. The VV year is not easy but it is so worth it! It gave me so much confidence about my faith and my life. I made so many friends, learnt so many things and explored so much. My community will always be in my daily prayers and there is a real family love forever present there. Vincentian ethos will remain in my heart always.”
~ Former Vincentian Volunteer