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“The main purpose for which God has called the Daughters of Charity and brought them together   is to honour our Lord Jesus Christ as the source and model of all charity, serving Him corporally and spiritually in the person of the poor…”*

*Saint Vincent, Common Rules of the Daughters of Charity (I, 1), Doc. 149a, XIIIb, 147.

Daughters of Charity ‘give themselves entirely and in community to the service of Christ in their brothers and sisters who are poor’ (constitution 7)

“in serving the poor you are doing what the Son of God did while he was on earth.” St Vincent de Paul

“In trying to respect the dignity of each individual and serving those in need, I find that their lives enrich me, challenge me and compel me to change.”

“I just walk alongside people… I’m there for them …we are there for one another.’

“All must be done with gentleness of heart and humility, as we consider the interests of those with whom we are working rather than our own.” St Louise de Marillac


Daughters of Charity are available to respond to any kind of poverty in the community. Whatever forms of service the Daughters of Charity are engaged in at any given time, depends upon needs of those who live in poverty and our ability to respond.  

Sisters are currently involved in a number of ministries including:

  • Caring for elderly people
  • Offering a listening ear to people with heavy burdens
  • Pastoral and spiritual support to people in various situations
  • Supporting families of prisoners
  • Supporting migrants and refugees
  • Supporting people experiencing homelessness
  • Visiting and supporting the housebound
  • Ministry of Prayer

Justice & Peace

In Australia we are in contact with the Justice and Peace Office of the Archdiocese of Sydney

In England & Wales we are members of the National Justice and Peace Network (NJPN) – a grassroots body with Catholic roots.

In Scotland we support Justice and Peace Scotland

As members of the wider Vincentian Family we support  Systemic Change initiatives. Systemic change is required when efforts to change one aspect of a system fail to fix the problem. The whole system needs to be transformed. This is often the case when dealing with issues of poverty.


Since our beginnings, the Daughters of Charity have sought ways to serve those who live in poverty and to find solutions to situations that cause poverty. This continues in all of our services of vulnerable people. Advocating for those without a voice is part of all our services. 

United Nations

We are a registered NGO and a number of Daughters of Charity work at the United Nations to influence policies which affect persons living in poverty.


At an International, Inter-provincial and Provincial level, a special commitment has been made regarding human trafficking.

In Australia we support Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH).
In UK we support RENATE – End Human Trafficking Network in 31 European Countries


Daughters of Charity do not work alone, they collaborate with a large range of people and groups. We are part of the large family of people who follow in the footsteps of St Vincent and St Louise known as the Vincentian family which includes AIC International Association of Charities, the Society of St Vincent de Paul, the Congregation of the Mission, the Association of the Miraculous Medal, and Depaul International.

Daughters also collaborate with many other groups such as parishes and dioceses, other religious congregations, and many others.


Our Mission

Hutt Street New Build

But be kind and love, for love is your first gift to the poor. They will appreciate your kindness and your love more than all else you bring them.     

[Blessed Rosalie Rendu]