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Reaching out to those in need,
wherever they may be

Together, we can do more than any
one of us could do alone

We seek to emulate the characteristics of our founders
Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac

We are persons chosen by God 
to serve him in the person  of the Poor

Daughters of Charity Rosalie Rendu Wales

As Daughters of Charity we are committed to sharing the Good News of the Gospel with those around us who are carrying the poverties of this Third Millennium. We try to do this by our presence and through loving, practical Vincentian service. 

Sr Ellen
Sr Ellen
Sr Rosalie Rendu
Sr Rosalie Rendu

Welcome to the exciting world of the Province of Rosalie Rendu Wales!

As an international group of religious women, centralised in Paris, the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul (DC) span the world, organised in Provinces of which the Province of Rosalie Rendu Wales is one. In this Province there is great union of relationship between the DCs of the countries of Australia and Great Britain. Rosalie Rendu, our patron, was a DC of the nineteenth Century who lived our Vincentian Values and devoted her life to the alleviation of poverty through an extremely difficult time in the history of Paris, living in one of its most needy districts. She was gifted in bringing together people from all walks of life in order to meet the needs of those living in poverty. She is still recognised in Paris for her indomitable spirit of courage and her enormous compassion. To the present day pilgrims flock to her grave in Montparnasse Cemetery.  On the gravestone is written “To our good mother Rosalie, her grateful friends, the rich and the poor”.

Today we strive to follow Rosalie’s heritage as we live out our distinctive charism in loving service to those experiencing poverty in our midst. Humbly acknowledging our human weakness, we seek to emulate the characteristics of our founders Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac.

Thank you for visiting us today. May you be blessed for having been here.

Bear joyful witness to Jesus Christ

[Constitution 9]